Hi my name is Rich, and I created this website for people like you.

Education: University Of Oregon, '92. Accounting,CPA. 

Career: 35 Years of Accounting, Construction & Real Estate Investment. 
Semi-retired, but now a full time day trader.

Coaching Is my passion:  12 years of dedicated coaching service. 
I love helping people get to the next level.


After a successful career in accounting and real estate, I always considered day trading....but never knew where to start. 

My neighbor Day Traded for a living. I envied the fact that he was done by noon on most days, and went fishing almost everyday.

 I was too shy to ask him to teach me, I was to embarrassed to ask for help. 

Many years went by, always wishing I could do what he did, or at least live a similar lifestyle into retirement. 

One day, I met a very interesting client. I was working very hard for this man on a job I was doing for him. He admired my work ethic. He sat back and said “Rich, you certainly work really hard, for not that much money….you should learn to do what I do…I made $4000 dollars just this morning”. 

I was stunned.

He was a day trading options trader. I listened and learned. I took notes. It still seemed very complex and intimidating. I opened a practice account, and tried and failed. I made notes and tried different systems, algorithms, tried and failed, and sometimes won. I finally honed in on the system I use today:

A combination of executing simple call/put trades, using risk management, and high probability win-rate systems. 

My System - When I first started putting all of my data points together, I slowly started to realize this matrix was shooting some phenomenal numbers in my face. I knew I was onto something, but needed to track it, and find a way to limit losses and book gains.  I knew I could win even if the trade wasn't at it's potential peak. 

To me, the challenge was both a fun hobby and a math problem. It was like a game of Sudoku, or Solitaire, or Chess, or something like that... I enjoyed the challenge. If you start that way, I hope you can enjoy the challenge too.  You can start with one of my systems, and eventually find one that works for you. I want you to learn things first (risk-free), treat it like a fun hobby. Then, maybe one day, it can become a full retirement option. Who knows, maybe you can coach someone, and help transform their life too. 

Contact Us

Practice Trading LLC, 5331 S Macadam Ave, STE258, PMB1173, Portland, OR 97239



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